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Bouton d'or Acadie

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Bouton d’or Acadie Publishing: young at heart since 1996 !
Founded by Marguerite Maillet in Moncton, New Brunswick to allow youth literature to blossom in Acadie, the publishing company has been led since 2012 by two dynamic women: Louise Imbeault (owner and editor) and Marie Cadieux (executive and literary director), supported by their staff. The books published by Bouton d’or Acadie allow dozens of creators to spread their talent and imagination in a professional context, financially supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Canada Book Fund and the province of New Brunswick.

New books bloom with every season, their roots feeding into the rich soil of Acadian and francophone culture, reaching for the universal, abolishing borders and building bridges between communities. From poetry to humour, to nursery rhymes and documentaries, the editorial line is ambitious. The publishing company harvests about a dozen or so titles per year in their catalogue of about two-hundred-and-sixty, classified on “shelves” which simultaneously describe different age groups and various vehicles, propelling readers on to new adventures! The Mouton noir Acadie banner, launched in 2020, is aimed at bold and determined young adults who are not afraid to venture off the beaten track.

Situated at a cultural crossroads, the publishing house emphasizes dialogue and respect of our differences. Inclusion, accessibility and diversity are at the heart of Bouton d’or Acadie’s values. Indeed, since the early 2000’s, the company has been working closely with First Nations communities from Eastern North America, giving birth to the trilingual Wabanaki collection, in French, English, and one of the First Nations languages from the Wabanaki Confederacy (“Wabanaki” translates as “dawn” or “child of light”). Bouton d’or Acadie publishing acknowledges that they are situated on the unceded territories of the Mi’kmaw and Wolastoqey peoples, with whom they strive to be allies.


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