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Club Co-Libris

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Club Co-Libris is a lot more than a virtual book club ! It's an international community of readers eager to make literary discoveries and meet new people. It's a virtual discussion platform where readers can debate and share their thoughts on their common readings.

Once a month, readers meet in small groups to discuss the book featured by Club Co-Libris. In addition to creating opportunities for enriching exchanges with readers around the world, Club Co-Libris aims to give, give back and, above all, maintain a taste for reading among all its members!


Would you like to organize a fun and original activity around books? Club Co-Libris is there for you! In addition to offering its own selection of books, Club Co-Libris also offers a turnkey literary virtual meeting service. Please see our offer section for more details.


Sophie is a Co-Libris (humming-bird and voracious reader) from Montreal. She loves books and tries, as best she can, to spend as little time as possible in front of screens. During the confinement caused by the pandemic, this seasoned reader realized that her reading habits revolved mainly around social networks and online newspapers. Her now ornamental library is just collecting dust.

Fortunately, activities are picking up again in public places, and Sophie, completely jaded by the monotony of everyday life, signs up for an almost magical book club in Old Montreal. It was love at first sight! She then decided to launch a virtual platform to share the joys of reading together.

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