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Drew Lavigne &
Paul Bossé

The mandate of Moncton's Poets Flyés is to act as the city’s literary ambassadors, to promote the importance of writing and the art of the spoken word in both official languages, and to make Moncton’s voices known beyond the city’s boundaries.

The two-year term will start in December 2022 and end in August 2024 with the announcement of their successors.

Each Poet Flyé will receive an annual honorarium of $3,500 from the City of Moncton in addition to an annual budget of $1,500 from the Frye Festival to fund a community project in connection with poetry.

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Photo : Annie France Noël




Drew Lavigne

Drew Lavigne is a writer from Moncton, New Brunswick whose work explores identity and mythology. He has served as a member of the editorial board at The Fiddlehead, Canada’s oldest literary journal. Dedicated to fostering underrepresented literary talent in the Maritimes he has mentored and encouraged artists by managing submissions and grant applications. He performed a standout reading at the 2022 Frye Festival Prelude. Drew Lavigne has also read at and hosted the Attic Owl reading series and co-hosted Disruptor Poetry, an event sponsored by The League of Canadian poets. He was Interviewed by CBC and has performed with many of Canada’s notable poets. His past work has appeared in Seven Mondays and Argosy. He is currently working on his first collection.




Paul Bossé

Born in 1971 in Moncton, New Brunswick, Paul Bossé completed a Bachelor's degree in film at Montreal's Concordia University in 1994. Upon his return to his hometown, he began a multidisciplinary artistic career centered around poetry, film and theater. In addition to publishing six books of poetry (his most recent: Apesanteur, Éditions Perce-Neige 2020), he has scripted television series, directed documentaries, shot experimental films and written five plays.

Regardless of the discipline, his works all reflect a wacky, often caustic vision of our crazy world.

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