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Board Members

The Frye Festival Board Members are volunteers from our community. They are elected for a duration of two years.

Elizabeth Blanchard
Emerging author / Auteur·rice émergent·e, Frye Festival
Madeleine Blanchard
Secretary of the Board, Frye Festival
Carole Chan
Lawyer | President of the Board, Frye Festival
Marie-Ève Godbout-Carroll
Board Treasurer, Frye Festival
Mischka Jacobs
Board administrator, Frye Festival
Aline Johanns
Board administrator, Frye Festival
Geneviève Laforge
Board administrator, Frye Festival
Michel Mallet
Professor of language, literature and culture of German-speaking countries / Board Administrator, Frye Festival
Martin Rioux
Board administrator, Frye Festival
Lindsay Warner
Head of Adult and Young Adult Services | Board Administrator, Frye Festival


Frye Festival Staff Members

Romain Blanchard
Graphic Design, atelier 46
Sylvie Boulianne
communications agent, Festival Frye Festival
Christophe Collard
Academic Research Manager, Université de Moncton
Angèle Cormier
Production Manager, Festival Frye Festival
Erika Hateway
Festival Frye Festival
Joe Nadeau
Programming Assistant, Festival Frye Festival
Annie France Noël
Photographer, Annie la Photographe
Élise Pelletier
Media Relations Manager, Festival Frye Festival
Sophie Ruest
Assistant.e de production, Festival Frye Festival
Ariane Savoie
Executive Director, Festival Frye Festival
Ethan Toner
Youth Coordinator, Festival Frye Festival
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